Keep the Coffeehouses Fund

Keep the Coffeehouses Fund

Right from the start, South Shore Folk Music Club’s idea was to present two different kinds of events.  So we have always presented “Coffeehouses” with tables and tablecloths, candles, relatively local talent and Open Mic opportunities.  And we have always presented “Concerts” with concert seating for our more widely known acts.

We actually lose money on Coffeehouse nights, and this loss is starting to affect the overall financial health of the Club.

But we love the Coffeehouses and the opportunities and camaraderie they offer, and we want to Keep the Coffeehouses as part of our line-up!

So over the next year we will be trying a number of creative ways to make the Coffeehouses more sustainable.

The first thing we are doing is: asking for help!

That’s what we’re doing with the creation of our new Keep the Coffeehouses Fund.  We will have our “Keep the Coffeehouses” donation jar out at every event.  And we have added  a “Keep the Coffeehouses” line to our Membership Application where you can list an extra donation (on top of the Membership category you choose), especially to help the Coffeehouses, and there’s a tear-off section below.  If you send us your name along with your donation, we will list you on our special Keep the Coffeehouses Thank You bulletin board.

We hope you will help us Keep the Coffeehouses!

Thank You!

Karen Haffner, SSFMC Volunteer


Yes, I want to help the Club Keep the Coffeehouses. 

Here is my special extra donation!


Donation: $______________ (Please make your check out to “South Shore Folk Music Club” and mail to South Shore Folk Music Club, PO Box 156 Kingston, MA 02364-9998)


Here’s how to list me on the Keep the Coffeehouses Thank You bulletin board:




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