Music At The Club

Getting Booked at the Club:

Booking for our coffeehouses is currently being done by a number of our volunteers who are actively perusing and attending many music events in and around the New England area. These are people who are immersed in the music scene and see a lot of music on a regular basis. They regularly update us on who’s playing, who is exciting and most importantly- what performers may be a good fit for our audience at First Parish Duxbury!

Unfortunately, at this time most of our bookers do not receive unsolicited publicity packets. With that said, If you are interested in being booked for a coffeehouse there are two ways to get booked.


The first way to attempt to get booked, is to come and perform at our open mic coffee house event, where our bookers can see you perform. This is a great way to let us get to know you and your music. Coffee Houses are usually held on the third Saturday of the month. Please see schedule for upcoming dates.


The second way is to be performing in the area where our bookers are able to see you perform. When they see someone they like and believe would be a good fit for our club they let us know.


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