May Sep Oct Please Renew Hurdy Gurdy

Here’s our UPDATED newest Hurdy Gurdy.   It includes info for our May show and for the first CH in the fall with Wendy Keith, Mike Laureanno and the Open Mic.  And NOW WE CAN ANNOUNCE our Oct Concert with Ellis Paul and our Nov Concert with John Gorka!  And don’t forget, our annual membership appeal.  To view/print, open the post, and click on the link for the PDF.  See you at the Club.  May Sep Oct Renew 2016 PDF UPDATED
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Saturday, May 7, 2016 Gurf Morlix Concert

Gurf Morlix

Gurf Morlix

Gurf Morlix, Saturday May 7, 2016  8:00 pm
Booking Agent:  Bryon Davis
At the door: $22 Members / $24 Non-Members
Advance tix:

The Sound of Infamous Integrity.  Once, when asked by a promoter for a copy of his biography, Gurf Morlix responded with just two words, “legendary integrity.”
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Mar Apr 2016 Hurdy Gurdy


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PDF Mar Apr 2016

Here’s our newest Hurdy Gurdy.   It’s for our March, April and May shows.   Open the post, and click on the link for the PDF.

See you at the Club!


Jan Feb 2016 Hurdy Gurdy

Jan Feb 2016 PDF Y.Capture Jan Feb 2016

Here’s our newest Hurdy Gurdy.

It’s for Jan and Feb and lists almost all our shows through the rest of the season!

Open the post, and click on the link for the PDF.

See you at the Club!


January 2, 2016 Paul Rishell, Annie Raines & Friends Concert

Concert January 2, 2016. 8pm. $20 Members / $22 Non-Members.

Booking Agents: Joanne & Keith Buchanan

When 22-year-old harmonica ace Annie Raines first sat in with 42-year-old country blues guitarist Paul Rishell in a Boston bar in 1992, few suspected they were witnessing the start of a musical partnership. Paul and Annie have racked up thousands of miles on the road in the U.S. and Europe, collaborated on original songs, and released I Want to Know (Tone-Cool/Artemis 1996), Moving to the Country (2000), the W.C. Handy Award winner for Acoustic Blues Album of the Year, Goin’ Home (2004) and Talking Guitar (2012). Paul and Annie are passionately devoted to the study & performance of many blues styles, from the syncopated-acoustic guitar wizardry of Blind Lemon Jefferson & Son House to Chicago “Little” Walter Jacob’s swinging amplified harmonica.   Paul has reached what Boston critic Ted Drozdowski calls “a place [as] deep and resonant as Robert Johnson’s Crossroads, where authenticity [and] soul ring out in every note he sings and plays.” Annie has added vocals, mandolin & piano to her musical arsenal and is recognized worldwide as the “Queen of the blues harmonica.” The legendary Pinetop Perkins says “She plays so good it hurts!” Billboard touts Rishell as “a Master of country/blues particularly slide played on a National steel guitar. Raines, a rare female ace blues harmonica blower, shows she is as strong an acoustic country harp accompanist as she is a harder-edged, electrified Chicago-lead player à la the great Little Walter” Paul Rishell and Annie Raines

January 15, 2016 Coffeehouse with Katy Boc & Todd Nickerson, Fred Meltzer Opening. Open Mic

Katy and Todd JPG


January 15, 2016 Coffeehouse with Katy Boc & Todd Nickerson, Fred Meltzer Opening. Open Mic   $7 Members / $8 Non-Members

Having met in 2014, Katy Boc and Todd Nickerson began writing songs together after discovering a mutual love of American roots music. It wasn’t long before they began performing as a duo, featuring their own original songs which are inspired by roots, bluegrass, blues, and country music. In addition to performing together as a duo, Katy and Todd frequently perform in other bands including Jones River Band and 6 East. They are currently working on their first duo album, to be released in the fall of 2015.




Fred Meltzer

Fred Meltzer

Free Range is the project for Fred Meltzer’s original music.  Fred has been playing drums, guitar and keyboards for 38 years, in Boston, New York, Atlanta, South Africa and their environs, and has created a sound that seems to remind listeners of Harry Chapin, Jimmy Buffet and Weird Al Yankovic, all mashed up into one.  Silly and frivolous, poignant and meaningful, and surrounding himself with top notch instrumentalists, Fred plays with passion and a smile, living for the moment when a lyrical twist evokes surprise, or a love song helps one reflect…go to for more information, original music and schedule of gigs.




Fred supports festival venues eating and drinking establishments, assisted living facilities, and farmers markets, working solo, with the Vanilla Burritos acoustic duo, the South Shore All Stars trio, backing Jimiforever Jimi Hendrix Tribute on drums, and Nightshade and Gold Stevie Nicks Tribute on keyboards.  Band members Frank Albani (lead guitar and vocals), Mike Travers (bass and vocals), and Peter Singer (drums and vocals) are accomplished players and songwriters in their own right, each releasing great original music.  Fred is thrilled that they lend their talents, arrangements and enthusiasm to Free Range, and trades out his own time and talent when needed on their projects as well!

Saturday February 6, 2016 Rusty Belle Concert

Rusty Belle

Rusty Belle

Saturday February 6, 2016 Rusty Belle Concert 8:00 pm

$20 Members / $22 Non-Members

Booking Agents:  Bryon Davis

Roots-Rock/Junk-Folk – There is a room in the house, somewhere past the attic, where you keep the more eccentric pieces of your life, the whimsical things that hold a strange place in your heart and that you just can’t seem to throw away. The ham radios and phonograhs, antique pinwheels, figure skates and marbles. Perhaps somewhere way in the back there’s a beat up old guitar. This is the room where Rusty Belle lives – a trio of musicians who “play music that is already familiar to your heart and soul, you just haven’t heard it yet”. (James Hamel, Composer).

Rusty Belle was founded in 2006 when brother and sister Matt and Kate Lorenze with Zak Trojano and an indeterminate number of other artists. They thrived in this fiercely creative environment that often frightened the neighbors and sometimes alarmed the police. Inspired by the constant stimulus and activity of their home, the band crafted a unique sound and writing style. “They’re a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit old-timey and a whole lotta weird”, says Seven Days Vermont, “but in a good way.

Friday, February 19, 2016 – All Open Mic Night

Friday, Feb 19, 2016
All Open Mic Night

This is your night to own our stage! Share your talent with our attentive audience!  All types of music welcome, not just folk.  Sign up for your 8 minutes on stage when the doors open at 7:30 PM.  No early sign-ups.

You must sign yourself up.  Show us what you can do!  Share something special!  You might be considered for a future booking!

$7 Members and All Open Mic Performers, $8 Non-members

YOU pic

You can be the star of our All Open Mic!


Saturday, March 5, 2016, Cliff Eberhardt Concert

Cliff Eberhardt

Cliff Eberhardt Concert, March 5, 2016

$20 Members / $22 Non-Members

Booking Agents: Joanne & Keith Buchanan

Red House recording artist Cliff Eberhardt knew by age seven that he was going to be a singer and songwriter. As a child Cliff taught himself to play guitar, piano, bass and drums. In his teens Eberhardt was fortunate enough to live close to the Main Point (one of the best folk clubs on the East Coast), where he cut his teeth listening to the likes of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bonnie Raitt, and Mississippi John Hurt – receiving an early and impressive tutorial in acoustic music. At the same time, he was also listening to great pop songwriters like Cole Porter, the Gershwins, and Rodgers and Hart, which explain his penchant for great melodies and clever lyrical twists.

A driving force of the Greenwich Village New Folk movement and well known among his peers, Cliff’s songs have been covered by the likes of Richie Havens, Buffy St. Marie, Erasure, Lucy Kaplansky and the folk superstar band “Cry, Cry, Cry” (Dar Williams, Richard Shindell, Lucy Kaplansky).

“Eberhardt is a superb singer, with a vast credible range of emotions, and a soulfulness that draws from rock and pop, but also from the best folk ballad styles.”
– The Boston Globe
“Eberhardt is one of the most original songsmiths currently on tour, a highly intelligent and articulate artist whose penetrating and profound lyrics are sometimes overshadowed by his extraordinary guitar playing. Upon close listening, the Philadelphia-born singer’s gift for the English language is abundantly clear. The words that tumble from his mouth are framed by a raspy yet deeply elegant voice”
– Folk Music Society of Huntington New York

Friday, March 18, 2016, Traditional Youth Ballad Contest

Former Contest Winner Jared Reineck

Former Contest Winner Jared Reineck


This Year’s Traditional Ballad Singing Contest for Grade 4 through Age 25 with CASH PRIZES will be held on Friday, March 18, 2016.  Sign up by sending in your Contest Form by Friday, March 13th – make sure your ballad meets our Contest Rules.  Download this year’s Poster and Info Sheet/Contest Form:

2016_CONTEST INFO and FORM rev 12 19 2015

 2016_CONTEST INFO and FORM PDF rev 12 19 2015

2016_POSTER PDF rev 12 19 2015

No charge for contestants, all others: $7 Members, $8 Non-members, $4 Children.

It’s not too early to start thinking about what ballad to sing!   Make sure your ballad tells a story with a plot and an ending.  Make sure your ballad is so old that nobody knows who wrote it, or make sure your ballad is at least 100 years old.   You must sign up ahead so Contest Organizers Karen Haffner and Lynn Feingold can review your choice of ballad.  Here are the categories for this year:

Grade 4 Through High School

Solo performer WITHOUT instrument $50 cash prize

Solo performer WITH instrument $50 cash prize

Group (2 or more) WITHOUT instrument $100 cash prize
Group (2 or more) WITH instrument(s) $100 cash prize

After High School Through Age 25

Solo or group, with/without instrument(s) – $50 cash prize

If you have any questions, contact Karen at or 781-878-1683 or Lynn Feingold at 781-608-7218.


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